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Behavior Resources

Center for Information and Parent Resources   

Managing Problem Behavior at Home   

Top Ten List for Managing Your Child's Behavior   

Resources on Homework Help

Scholastic's Homework Help

U.S. Department of Education Helping Your Child With Homework  

PBS Helping With Homework   

Top Ten Homework Tips Kid's Health   

Parent Resources on Common Core Homework   

Resources on Absences

Attendance Tips for Parents

Every Student Everyday: Parent Resources to Reduce Absenteeism

Build the Habit of Good Attendance Early  

Parents Underestimate the Harm of School Absences

The Importance of Being In School A Report on Absenteeism in the Nation's Public Schools  

Resources on Nutrition

Food and Nutrition  

Health and Wellness Parent Toolkit

14 Nutrition Sites for Kids

Reading Resources

Reading Rocket Resources for Parents  

Scholastic's Reading Resources for Parents  

U.S. Department of Education Reading Resources for Parents   

12 Incredible Resources for Struggling Readers  

PBS Reading Resources  

Writing Resources

Best Ways to Support Writing   

Read, Write Think Resources   

National Writing Project Helping Children Learn to Write  

Help Young Children Develop Strong Writing Skills  

Tips for Parents About Writer's Workshop   

Parents as Writing Partners  

Mathematics Resources

Everyday Mathematics Parent Resources

Mathematics Resources for Parents and Guardians   

Top Ten Math Websites for Parents and Kids   

Parent Math Resources   

Resources for Parents from You Cubed  

Math Tips for Parents from PBS   

Math.com Parent Resources   

U.S. Department of Education Resources for Parents  

Science Resources

NGSS Science Standards for Parents  

NSTA Resources for Parents    

Parent Q & A About NGSS  

NGSS Parent Questions  

NSTA Back to School Resources for Parents  

Videos About the Next Generation Science Standards  

Resources on the Maker Movement

What's the Maker Movement and Why Should I Care   

The Best Resources for Learning About the Maker Movement

The Rise of the Maker Movement for Kids  

6 Fun Ways Kids Can Join the Maker Movement  

24 Unique Maker Resources for Teaching and Learning  

Affordable, Accessible Maker Learning Resources for Parents  Part 1

Affordable, Accessible Maker Learning Resources for Parents Part 2

Coding Resources for Parents

Tools That Teach Kids to Code  

How and Why To Teach Your Kids to Code

Best Apps and Resources for Parents Who Want Their Kids to Code  

Kids and Coding: What Every Parent Can Do  

Parent Resources on Mindfulness

Eight Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Your Family  

Kids Relaxation  

The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Child Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder and More Compassionate