The Multiage program enhances the learning of its students by addressing the needs of the whole child, social, emotional, physical as well as academic. Emotional intelligence and socialization play a crucial role in a child's life and their ability to be happy, maintain healthy friendships, make good choices in general, deal with stress and eventually have positive working relationships with coworkers and supervisors. Our aim is to nurture individuals who are well balanced in their outlook on life and their personal understanding of themselves in relation to the world. We help students set realistic, achievable goals as well as become skilled in reflection. We honor a student's experience including the achievements and the road blocks. We believe that learning is in everything we do and reflection on the entirety of one's experience leads to self understanding and success. Lessons in developing a growth mindset, incorporating mindfulness in the classroom and restorative circles are components of the classroom that address the socio-emotional component of children. Flexible seating options and brain-breaks address the need for movement throughout the day. Whole body listening is even used to listen with attention. The overall tenor of the classroom is one of collaboration and cooperation rather than competition. Service projects are integrated into classroom activities throughout the year.